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Funeral Directors - Increase Your Online Visibility In Local Search With A Google Business Profile

What is a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile (which used to be known as Google My Business) is basically free advertising for funeral directors, so it’s really important to take ownership of your profile and keep it up to date to reap the benefits.

By simply creating a Google Business Profile and completing the verification steps, your funeral home will start to appear in local searches and in Maps.

To manage your listing, search for your business in Google when logged into the account you use to manage your profile. From here you can edit and update your profile including adding images, updating your opening hours.

Why is it important for funeral directors to have a Google Business Profile? There are so many benefits in having (and keeping up-to-date) a Google Business Profile.

Take a read below:

1. Increase your visibility online in local search

When a family searches for a funeral director in your town, a well-optimised Google Business Profile will ensure your funeral home appears in the local search results. This increases visibility and drives traffic to your website or visitors to your funeral home.

Just by creating your Profile you boost your ranking in local search results and the chances of being included in Google’s local 3 pack. And if you’re in the 3 pack, you show up high in the search results page which will increase the clicks your brand gets over your competitors.

2. Increase traffic to your website

Just by having a Google Business Profile and showing up in local search results you are more likely to get an increase in traffic to your website, an increase in telephone calls to your business and even an increase in in person visits to your funeral home.

3. Provide essential information about your funeral home

Make sure all your essential information is up to date on your Google Business Profile, such as your opening hours, contact information, location, and more. This information is so important for families when a loved one has died and who may need to contact or visit the funeral home at any time during the day or night.

4. Google Reviews and star ratings boost your appeal

90% of people read reviews before making a purchasing decision. With a Google Business Profile clients can leave your business a review and feedback for other families to see. Not only will you get honest feedback about your service, but you’ll also get the star rating system next to your business on Google. Having reviews and star ratings helps to build trust and credibility which is so important for funeral directors where trust and reputation are paramount.

5. Use photos and virtual tours to make a visit to your funeral home feel welcoming (and less daunting to visit)

You can upload photos of your funeral home to your Google Business Profile. Include outdoor shots including a wider shots so families can familiarise themselves with where you are located by using neighbouring landmarks as a frame of reference to help them find you.

You can also include a photo of your team so families will be more familiar with the people who will help them with arranging a funeral. Also include photos (or a virtual video tour) of the inside of your funeral home to give families a chance to familiarise themselves with the environment in advance.

6. Get ahead of your competitors

Your Google Business Profile gives you an opportunity to stand out from your competitors when a potential client is scanning through search results. Your listing displays a brief description of your business - so here’s your opportunity to tell them about who you are and what you do that is different from your competitors. Make sure you use relevant keywords and be your authentic self.

7 Updates and Announcements

The 'Posts' feature allows you to share updates, announcements, or events like charity open days, coffee mornings, grief cafe’s or information sessions. This really useful feature can help to keep your local community informed about the services you offer.

8. Direct Messaging

The Google Business Profile allows families to ask questions to you directly and in private, so make sure you know which email address these go to and make sure you respond to families who choose to get in touch this way.

9. Learn about your target audience

Google Business profile provides a wealth of insight and analytics on how visible your brand is, who your target customers are and how they are interacting with your business profile. This data can help you to understand what potential clients are looking for and optimise your services accordingly.

10. It’s free advertising

Setting up and maintaining a Google Business Profile is free. This provides funeral directors with a cost-effective way to promote their services online. An accurate and optimised Google Business profile is an essential component of successful local SEO (search engine optimisation). There is no cost unlike Google PPC (pay per click) advertising.

A Google Business Profile is a free tool to help you promote your business. By managing your profile you can present your business professionally online, which makes it easier for families to find and contact you and feel trust in your business at what will be an upsetting time in their lives.


Avens Marketing provides specialist marketing support to funeral directors to help you grow your business. Whether you are new to marketing your funeral home, or have been doing it for many years, we can help you increase the visibility of your business locally, engage local families, attract new clients, enhance client experience and increase referrals.

The Funeral Marketing Club provides 1-2-1 advice and support over 6 or 12 months to help you grow your funeral home with specialist marketing consultancy and training. Find out more.


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