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Power Hour

A Power Hour is a way to get specialist marketing advice and support without any long term commitment. 


So if you've got a specific marketing problem or challenge and want some advice or even just a second opinion, then the Power Hour is just for you.  


Get access to funeral marketing expertise without any commitment.

What is a Power Hour?

A Marketing Power is 60 minutes of dedicated 1-2-1 time to power up your knowledge on a marketing topic or to get an answer to a question without any commitment. 

Do you feel like you're going in circles with your marketing but not making the progress you want. Or you don't know if you're spending your marketing budget in the right places. Or something is not working and needs a fast fix. 

A Power Hour is a great way to get the support of a marketing professional when you need a bit of guidance, you're on a tight budget or you need help fast. 

5 ways a Marketing Power Hour can help your funeral business

1. Sense checking

Do you find yourself going round in circles with marketing ideas but don't end up making any progress? Or do you have a gut feel that a marketing activity you are running isn't working as well as it should do? 

Having an hour to focus on your marketing, to sense check your ideas, and to ask your questions are huge benefits of a power hour. We will answer your questions, guide you on where you should be focusing your time, help you expand on your thoughts and ideas and sign post you tools and resources. 

2. You get to ask a funeral marketing expert

With over 13+ years experience of funeral marketing helping small funeral businesses as well as large companies, I have lots of experience to share and coming up with ideas is my thing!

Power Hours can be used on a variety of marketing topics: 

  • Marketing Strategy Focused Power Hour

    • What marketing channels should I be using?​

    • How much budget should I allocate to marketing?

    • How do I promote direct cremations to protect my market share against the national providers? 

  • Brand Power Hour

    • How do I stand out from my competitors?​

    • How do I tell the story of my business?

    • Is it time to update the visual identity of my funeral home? 

  • PPC Power Hour​

    • I don't understand the reports my PPC agency give me?​

    • Is my PPC working hard enough for my marketing spend

  • Social Media Marketing Power Hour​

    • I don't know what to post on social media?​

    • How do I come up with ideas for social media posts?

    • How do I increase my followers and/or engagement rate?

    • How do I make my posts look better?

  • Website User Experience Power Hour​

    • I think my website needs updating but I don't know where to start

    • How do I get more calls from my website?​

    • My digital agency want me to write SEO copy - I don't know where to start

  • Customer Journey Power Hour

    • How to I get more 5 star Google and Facebook reviews? ​

    • How do I sell funeral plans?

    • How can I sell more memorial products?

3. Speed up your marketing tasks

A power hour can help you prioritise your marketing tasks and get some best practise in place to help speed up or even automate some of your marketing. 

I have lots of tips, tools and advice on how to speed up your marketing tasks. You could even use your Power Hour to get some bite-sized training on social media scheduling or using AI to help come up with ideas. 

4. Cost effective way to work with a marketing professional

If you don't have a huge dedicated marketing budget or the resources to employee a full-time marketing professional then a Marketing Power Hour is a really cost effective way to get the benefits of a professional without the need to commit to employing someone or even hiring a freelancer. 

You can book a Power Hour whenever you need it. 

5. Be productive with your limited time 

As a funeral director, you are the expert in your business and this is where you should be focusing your limited time and energy. 


A Marketing Power Hour allows you to be productive and focus on getting expert advice and support when you need it, rather than having to be the expert in everything in your business. 


Whether you need some advice on a creative way to promote your business or how to use a specific marketing channel or tool, or want some expert advice on your marketing strategy, as Power Hour is a great way to get a fast fix from an expert, so you can focus on running your business.  


How does a Power work?

A Power Hour is tailored to the unique needs of your funeral business.


Before the session you complete a short questionnaire, so we understand what you want the focus of the Power Hour to be.

We'll then follow up with a recording of the session and any notes and recommendations, so you can put the points we discuss into action. We'll also follow up with a check-in call to see how you're getting on. 


Get a discount when you book 3 or 6 sessions. 



60 minutes with a funeral marketing expert

Complete a pre-Power Hour questionnaire so we can prepare and focus on what you to get out of the session 

The session is recorded and sent to you afterwards with any notes and recommendations so you can put into action what we discuss

We'll follow up to check how you're getting on 

£125  with additional attendees charged at £30
Payment plans - Get 15% discount when you book a block of 3 sessions or 20% discount when you book six sessions


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