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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect with local families and build trust.

We help funeral directors and celebrants unlock the potential of their social media to help you to become a top of mind business and attract new clients. 


Social media marketing is more than simply posting images and videos!

Whether you are a funeral director or a funeral celebrant, social media marketing is one of best ways that has ever existed to help you attract new clients. But it's a long term game! Social media marketing allows you to build relationships with local families in your community years before they ever need a funeral.

Social media marketing give you the opportunity to encourage funeral conversations. To educate your local community about all the funeral options and choices that are available these days. Social media marketing allows you and your business to be visible and part of the community. It lets you position yourself as the trusted funeral expert, so when the time does come that a family needs a funeral, it will be your business that will be top of mind. 

Do you feel like...

  • You struggle to come up with ideas for what to post on social media?

  • You post a lot of content that shows your funeral cars, coffins and crematoriums? 

  • There isn't much variety to what you are posting?

  • You don't seem to get getting much engagement from your posts?

  • You don't know which platforms you should be on, how often to post or whether a post a story or a reel is best?

  • You post irregularly and don't have a social media marketing plan?


How can we help?

​There are a number of ways in which Avens Marketing can help you achieve your social media marketing goals;

  • Social Media Marketing Toolkit - including 100 post ideas! 

  • Monthly Post Ideas Workshops

  • Get a fresh perspective with a social media marketing audit

  • Get a plan that will help you increase your visibility and build trust on social with a Social Media Marketing Strategy - all done for you!

  • Learn how to use social media marketing with our online training course created for funeral businesses.  

1. 100 post ideas in the Social Media Marketing Toolkit

if you're looking for social media ideas, you've come to the right place! Thinking of ideas for what to post on your social media channels can be tricky as a funeral director or funeral celebrant, so we have created Toolkits that are full of ideas.

Our Social Media Marketing Toolkit provide you with 100 post ideas  - more than enough ideas to get you through a quarter. We also give you an IDEAS FRAMEWORK, so you won't be stuck for ideas again, plus extra hints and tips for how to make your social media channels work hard for your funeral business to achieve it's goals. 

2. Post Idea Workshops

Our Social Media Marketing Post Idea Workshops run every month where we work together as a small group of funeral directors and funeral celebrants from across the UK to share ideas - what's worked and what's not worked on social.


In the workshop we then help you plan out a month of  social media posts together.

3. Get an expert opinion with a Social Media Marketing Audit LINK

You know that social media marketing is a vital marketing channel for your funeral business, but are you making it work as hard as it can for your business? Are you realising its full potential? Or are you struggling to make your efforts work? 

A social media audit can help you identify your key metrics, measure your performance and identify areas that need improvements so you can make the necessary changes to improve. 

A social media audit isn't scary, painstaking or tedious, It helps your take a step back, assess your current situation and provides recommendations for moving forwards and uncovering missed opportunities. 

After an audit, many funeral businesses then choose to get a social media marketing strategy created for them, so they have a tailored roadmap to follow to help them achieve their marketing goals.

4. Get a tailored Social Media Marketing Strategy for your funeral business

The funeral industry is more competitive than ever with both local competitors and national businesses targeting funeral messages at the families in your local community. 

We can create for your business, a tailored marketing strategy that lays out;

  • The goals social media can achieve for your business

  • Your local target audiences

  • The social media channels you should be using to reach your audiences

  • The metrics we will use to monitor performance

  • How to find your unique brand voice and stories to set you apart from your competitors

  • An Post Ideas Framework to help you move to strategic posting that engages your local community and build trust

  • A social media calendar to get you started, including 4 weeks of posts designed and written all ready for you to post.

5. Learn the skills so you can use Social Media Marketing effectively to promote your funeral business

If you want to learn how to use social media marketing better to achieve your business goals, then this training has been specifically created for funeral businesses. 

Over a series of video lessons, you will learn how to create your own social media marketing strategy, how to identify your businesses unique stories, and create a social media calendar so you're regularly and consistently posting posts that engage and connect with your local target audience. 


You also get downloadable resources, templates and 1-2-1 support to ensure you go away with the skills and confidence to manage your funeral homes social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing Audit

Social Media Marketing Toolkits

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