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1-2-1 Consulting

Give your marketing the focus and attention it needs with one to one coaching and mentoring from a funeral marketing expert. 


Marketing coaching that is tailored to the individual needs of your funeral business.

Whether you are a funeral director or a funeral celebrant, promoting a business in the funeral industry requires a special kind of marketing.

It's not about selling. It's more like telling stories. Stories that educate, stories that engage communities and stories that connect your business with the people in your local community.

And it's by using marketing in this way to build connections with local people will you increase visibility and trust in your business, and attract new clients. 

But one size doesn't fit all, so our marketing coaching and mentoring gives your the specific help you need to get your business to exactly where you need it to be. 

You know your funeral business. We know funeral marketing. We make the perfect match!

Do you feel like...

  • You keep spending on marketing but don't know if you're spending on the right things?

  • You work with specialist marketing agencies, but don't understand if what they are doing is working as hard as it could?

  • You don't understand modern marketing and have no strategy?

  • You get great feedback and referrals from clients, but you need to attract more?


How do I get results?

Our one to one coaching and mentoring is tailored to the unique needs of your funeral business.


We start with a 2 hour strategy session where we get into where you are now in your business. Then we look at where you want to get to, and drill down into what you you need to do to get there. 

WE FOCUS ON THE GOALS and the results you desire. 

How does it work?

All your One to one consultancy sessions are with Debbie Avens, as funeral marketing expert with more than 13 years experience in the industry. ​

The consultancy includes a mix of coaching and mentoring. I will give you the tools you need to achieve your business goals, coaching you through each element so you have the skills and the confidence to grow your business. 

Are you ready to get started?

Our payment plans




2 hour strategy session

11 x 1 hour per week (or per fortnight) coaching & mentoring sessions.

"Keep On Track" action plan

Access to the Funeral Marketing Club Facebook group 

Email support throughout the whole time

£999 or £385 in 3 monthly payments

Places limited to 5 funeral businesses per month so we can give your business the attention it deserves.

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