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Marketing Audits

A Marketing Audit can really help to grow your business, as it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy so you can make a plan to improve. 

We can help funeral directors and celebrants with a Full Marketing Strategy Audit, or specific channel audits; Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC. Or can an audit on a particular area of marketing, including a Brand Strategy Audit, Website User Experience or your Customer Journey.


An Audit evaluates your marketing investment and help to improve your ROI.

1. Marketing Strategy Audit

We start off by working with you to understand what are your goals and objectives for the audit, so make sure we get the relevant answers for you. We'll look at your local market, your competitors and your target audiences. We'll use insights to evaluate how well each of your marketing activities are performing at achieving your goals, and we'll make recommendations for how you can improve performance. 

2. Social Media Marketing Audit LINK

For a Social Media Marketing Audit, we look at how your social media presence is impacting on your business objectives as well as uncovering new opportunities to raise awareness of your business and connect with your local community. 

We look at the first impressions your social media platforms are creating from a brand point of view. We look at the insights and key metrics from your social media platforms to identify what is working and what is not. We'll also include recommendations for how you can improve your social media marketing strategy.

3. Website User Experience Audit LINK

A Website User Experience Audit looks at how easy it is for people to interact with your website, and measure the satisfaction across usability, design, information architecture and performance. 

We look at the journey your target audience groups take on your website and evaluate how easy the website is to navigate to find what they need and contact your business. The Audit identifies any roadblocks that might cause a website visitor to end their journey before their needs had been met. 

A Website User Experience Audit can increase your chances of not only you attracting new clients, but increased client satisfaction, positive reviews and recommendations. 

4. Brand Strategy Audit

For a brand strategy audit, we take a closer look at your branding and brand values, we look at your company culture and your communications (website, SEO, social media, events, advertising and community engagement) and we look to see if all are aligned. We will look to see what your customers (and potential customers) are saying about your and get a feel for the sentiment. We will also take a look at your competitors brands and what their customers are saying about them. 

We'll make recommendations for how you can improve your brand strategy.  

Social Media Marketing Audit
Marketing Strategy Audit
Website User Experience Audit
Brand Strategy Audit
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