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Funeral Marketing Club

The Funeral Marketing Club is a place for funeral directors to get specialist marketing support and to learn more about how to use marketing to grow their business.

See below how the Funeral Marketing Club can help your business. 

How do you market a funeral business?

Marketing a funeral directors is about building relationships with your local community many years before they ever need your services.

It's not like marketing in other sectors. Marketing a funeral business needs to increase visibility, engagement and trust within the community to ensure that it is your funeral home that is top-of-mind when the services of a funeral director are needed.

It needs an integrated approach using a number of different online and offline marketing channels - to be in the places where your local families spend time. 

Funeral marketing is also about creating a customer experience that exceeds all expectations from the moment a family first contacts you through to the funeral and even in the weeks and months after that.

The journey a client goes through when arranging a funeral with you can be enhanced by carefully considering the touchpoints a client has with your business. If a potential client calls your funeral home, do you take their email address and send them an email which positions your business as the most helpful, caring and compassionate funeral director of all those they might have contacted?  

Have you considered what impression a client gets of your funeral home from your website, the funeral home itself, the carpark, each room the client visit? 

When was the last time you spend time considering the communications with a client over the phone, email and social media? Should any of these be improved, or are there touchpoints that should be added into the clients journey with you - an extra email or phone call at the right time with the right message might really improve the client experience which could lead to more referrals and increased customer value. 

The Funeral Marketing Club covers all these issues and helps you to improve your marketing over time. Whether marketing is completely brand new to you and you don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been marketing your business for a long time and are questioning if you are investing your budget in the right places, then the Funeral Marketing Club can help your business grow.

The Funeral Marketing Club helps you to grow your funeral business

Increasing the visibility of your business online to help more families find you when the time comes


Transforming your online presence to reflect the professional and caring services you provide


Building trust and connecting with local families and your wider community on social media


Showcasing your expertise as a business, and as an individual, helping to raise your profile and expand your professional network


Attracting new clients and enhancing their customer journey with you to increase your market share and the value of each client to your business.

Funeral Marketing Club Packages

The Funeral Marketing Club packages provide 12 weeks of marketing consultancy advice and are designed to help you learn how to market your funeral business to attract new clients, improve the customer journey's to increase client value. 


My name is Debbie Avens

I have spent the last 12 years in the funeral industry, working for a number of the big providers and their local funeral homes.

During this time I have seen many changes in the industry and how funeral businesses need to adapt their market plans to reflect the changing customer needs and behaviours, particularly to ensure their online presence reflects the business they represent. 


The industry is truly unique and special. There is no greater honour than being able to say that I play a part in helping to make a difficult time that little bit easier for families. 

Avens Marketing and the Funeral Marketing Club have been established as a specialist marketing offerings to the funeral sector to help increase visibility in this digital world, as well as help to increase customer value. I'd love to help your funeral business with it's marketing, so please do get in touch. 


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