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Marketing Health Check

A way to identify how effective your marketing is likely to be at achieving your goals as a funeral business.


Answer 100 simple questions to see how your marketing is performing.

Get your Marketing Health Check score.

Identify how effective your marketing is likely to be at increasing your visibility, connecting with local families and attracting new clients either as a funeral director or a funeral celebrant. 

Start thinking 
about how your marketing is performing across these areas: 


  • You and your brand

  • Your marketing strategy or plan 

  • Your effectiveness at increasing your visibility and building trust on social media and in real life

  • Getting found online

  • The experience on your website 

  • How you convert prospects into clients

  • Customer journey after the funeral

The Marketing Health Check is FREE, so go on and take the Assessment to get your score today. 


Give Your
Funeral Business A Marketing Health Check

Thanks for submitting! You're Marketing Health Check is on it's way to you now.

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