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How Quizzes Can Be Used In Your Funeral Home Marketing To Engage Your Local Target Audience

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How To Use Quizzes In Your Funeral Home Marketing

Funeral professionals are experts at asking their clients questions. It’s what you do with every client - it’s how you get to know a family and it’s how you get to know the person who has died so you can arrange a funeral that is truly unique and personal.

But did you know that asking questions is also a great technique to use as part of your social media marketing to engage your local community and to encourage conversations about funerals. 

Why Should a Funeral Business Use Quizzes?

Quizzes are just a series of questions but they are a hugely powerful way to grab the attention of your local target audience and make a difficult subject easier for people to engage with. 

People like quizzes as they give them the opportunity to talk about themselves or learn about themselves. Quizzes can spark conversations, and even for serious subjects like funerals, quizzes can be used to provide a point of self reflection. 

What Are The Benefits of Quizzes To Funeral Homes? 

The benefits of using quizzes within your social media marketing are great. 

  • Quizzes are interactive contact that can help to engage your target audience

  • They can help to increase brand awareness through post shares

  • Quizzes provide a light hearted way to interact with a serious and emotional subject 

  • They will differentiate you from your competitors

How Can Your Funeral Home Use Quizzes In Your Social Media Marketing?

There are a number of ways you can incorporate quizzes into your funeral home marketing. 

Firstly, start by thinking about your brand. Some funeral businesses have brands where you are able to get away with a more light-hearted or tongue-in-cheek approach such as “Which coffin are you?”. Other funeral businesses will have brands that mean you are better to take a more serious or an educational approach such as “Would you choose a cremation, burial or are you undecided?”.

There are lots of other topics you could create a quiz around. 

For example, fun ways to personalise a funeral. Or to educate people about funeral alternatives such as direct cremations or green funerals. Or you could create a quiz around memorial options or funeral plans. 

Once you’ve created your quiz, always include a CTA (call to action) at the end to give people the opportunity to contact your business for more information. 

Then, when you’ve let your quiz run for a while and you’ve got a sizable number of responses, you can then use the answers you have generated to create other social media posts to start conversations about the trends that you saw in the answers.  

Don’t be afraid to use these types of engaging techniques in your social media marketing, they can really transform the way your business engages with your local community and will help to increase your visibility and brand recognition. 

Go on, give it a try. 


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