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Marketing Communications Strategy

Marketing communications strategy 

Getting your story out to your audience requires a marketing communications strategy; a roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


We can help create the strategy as well as manage the delivery of the roadmap, whether that be social media advertising, offline advertising, or developing prospect and customer journeys to nurture your leads to convert them into sales. 

See our marketing communications strategy service below. 

Marketing communications strategy

Your marketing communications strategy is the plan as to how you reach your target audience and turn them into leads and then sales. We can help identify your ideal target audience and which marketing channels (offline and online) and techniques are best used in combination to reach them for your budget.

We will create a roadmap to deliver the strategy, which is robust and allows a test and learn approach to maximise your budget and to meet your marketing goals.  

The marketing services below are the elements of the strategy we can also deliver for you. If we aren't able to offer a particular service ourselves, we'll recommend you to other specialists. 


Paid display advertising 

We can manage paid social advertising on Facebook and Instragram or on google display network. Additionally we can manage on and offline advertising in local press channels. This service includes campaign management, media planning, creative and ongoing test and learn activity to continually maximise the performance of the activity.   


Lead nurturing - prospect and customer journeys

When you've got your target audience to engage with your business, you need to nurture that lead over time to convert them into a customer. Prospects don't buy from you on the first time they become aware of you. They need multiple communications from you across multiple channels to take them through the stages of awareness to consideration then conversion before they become loyal customers. 


We can help you to nurture your leads by creating journeys that keep your audiences engaged and your brand top of mind so that when they are ready to buy, they choose your business.


Content marketing & creation

Content marketing is a key way to tell your brands story. This might be through photography, infographics, blogs, video and pre-recorded or live events. We can create an wide range of content for your business that can be used on your social channels for brand awareness and engagement and on your website to improve SEO.    

Our other services

As well as Marketing Communication Strategy, Avens Marketing can also help your business with Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Brand Strategy.  

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