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Brand strategy

Let us help you build a better brand that connects with your audience, builds trust and grows your business. Our simple process takes you though the stages of crafting your brand and provides you with a toolkit you can apply across all your marketing activities as consistency helps brands grow.  

See our brand strategy services below.

Identify your brand identity

Your brand identity is a collection of elements; your story, your vision and values, your voice, your emotional connectors and your positioning "superpower". Think about it like your brands personality and the experience you're creating for your audience.  We can help you create a brand identity that connects and engages your audience and contributes to the growth of your business.  


Write your brand story

Your brand is not a product or a service, its your journey, how you got to where you are, it's your story.


In this very important step, we'll help you focus on talking to your audience when you write this story so your clear on what you want to share and what has led you to the brand you are creating today. Then we'll take your unique story and craft it into brand emotions that will grow and audience and build trust.    


Incorporate your brand story into your brand toolkit

The next step is to take those brand emotions into your brand visuals and messaging. Rather than choosing these randomly, we'll help you choose colours, fonts, elements, photos and copy so they make your audience feel how you want them to.  


Brand guidelines 

Once your brand has been created, it then needs to be used consistently across your website, your social media, and all your marketing. So we create brand guidelines as a document you can continually refer back to and check that that whatever you are communicating to your audience is consistently building trust with your audience to grow your business.   

Our other services

As well as Brand Strategy, Avens Marketing can also help your business with Marketing Communications Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and provides a range of other marketing services such as campaign delivery, content creation and prospect and customer journey's.

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