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The Marketing Health Check is designed to give you a view of how effective your marketing is at attracting new clients. 


Is it working hard to increase the visibility of your business and improve recognition and trust of your funeral home in your local community?


The assessment is FREE and asks 30 simple yes/no questions to get you thinking about how your marketing is performing.


A yes answer is great but that doesn’t mean you’re done. A lot of things in marketing require continual work and improvements along the way.

A no answer isn’t bad either. It’s an opportunity to make progress!


Take stock of the gaps and make a plan to turn those no answers into yes over the coming weeks and months.

Go on, get your Marketing Health Check Score today!

Debbie Avens, MD of Avens Marketing and Founder of Funeral Marketing Club

If you identify you need help with your marketing, you're in the right place!

I’m Debbie Avens, Director of Avens Marketing and a specialist in funeral marketing.

I’ve worked in the industry for the past 13 years and have helped hundreds of funeral homes across the UK improve their local marketing to achieve their business goals.

I’d love to help your business too!

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