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I am a proactive strategist with a broad marketing skillset across brand and performance marketing. I am passionate and work-hard to provide marketing strategies that grow brands for the long-term and deliver results in the short term.   

Marketing has been a passion of mine since my university days in the early 00's, studying Advertising & Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University. My marketing career spans 20+ years working in both agency and client-side. 


Going solo as a Marketing Consultant has always been an ambition of mine. I always say marketing isn't rocket-science, but it can seem like a dark-art for independent and family-run businesses who are juggling all the many challenges that comes with running your own business. So if you want to simple, straight-talking marketing advice on how to grow your business by telling the story of your brand consistently and powerfully - get in touch. 

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Debbie Avens

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