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The story of Avens Marketing

Building better brands by telling our story is what we do at Avens Marketing. So this is the story of Avens Marketing and its founder Debbie Avens.


The desire to help SME's with their marketing started back in the early 00's, just out of university and working for Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. Chambers of Commerce are a historic and global institution with a sole purpose of helping SME businesses grow. And it was during this time it became clear that a lot of businesses don't know where to start with their marketing and how to market their business effectively. "I just put an ad in the Yellow Pages" is something I heard more than once from business owners. 

In the last 20+ years, the digital marketing revolution has opened up so many opportunities for business to promote themselves to their audiences. But I still see the same fear of marketing in business owners today that I saw 20+ years ago. 


But I promise the combined power of telling your brand story consistently to build trust with your audience and implementing end-to-end  marketing strategies that convert leads into sales will see your business grow.


Let me help you grow your business. 



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